Periodontal Surgery in Raleigh, NC

When a patient has periodontal disease for a prolonged period of time, the only way to limit further tissue damage and bring the disease under control may be through periodontal surgery. There are a variety of treatments available for periodontal disease such as scaling and root planing, oral medications, and laser gum surgery.

There are a number of surgical interventions that fall under the scope of periodontal surgery. If you are recommended one of these treatments, Dr. Alice Wu will detail the steps of the procedure and let you know what you can expect. Call us today for a consultation. 

Periodontal Surgery in Raleigh, NC

Flap Surgery

When periodontal disease progresses below the gums, a surgical intervention such as flap surgery may be necessary to halt its spread. Flap surgery involves incising the gums in order to remove diseased tissue and built-up calculus.

Gingival Graft Surgery

Periodontal disease can cause the gingiva (gums) to recede to the point that the tooth roots become exposed. Not only can gum recession be esthetically unappealing, but this exposure can lead to additional hard and soft tissue loss, including tooth loss. Gum graft procedures attempt to clear away the infection and replace the missing tissue. 

Typically, gingival graft tissue is taken from the patient’s own palate tissue (roof of the mouth). Depending on the treatment plan, the periodontist may use either the connective tissue below the surface, or the epithelium, which is the surface layer of the palate.

Regenerative Surgeries - Periodontal Surgery in Raleigh, NC

Regenerative Surgeries

Bone grafts and other restorative procedures help to replace bone tissue that has resorbed (become lost) due to periodontal disease. During this type of procedure, the gums are incised, pulled back, and the periodontist uses specialized tools to remove any signs of disease. Your treatment protocol may then include some combination of resorbable membranes, bone grafts, and/or platelet-rich plasmas (PRPs). 

Pocket Reduction Surgery - Periodontal Surgery in Raleigh, NC

Pocket Reduction Surgery

When gum tissue is healthy, it tightly adheres to the bone and around the teeth. The gums create what is known as a mucosal seal around the teeth. This seal defends tissues below the gums from bacterial intrusion. Periodontal disease can break this seal and cause pockets of bacteria to form below the gums. The more these pockets spread, the greater the likelihood of tooth loss and other complications. During pocket reduction surgery, an oral surgeon or periodontist incises the gum tissue, folds it back, and clears away the infected tissue. Targeted antibiotics may also be used. The bone tissue is then smoothed to encourage soft tissue attachment.

Find Relief from Periodontal Disease

If you notice blood after brushing or flossing your teeth, you may be experiencing the first stage of periodontal disease. Let’s stop it in its tracks. Call for a consultation today.