Digital Dentistry at Brier Creek Implants & Periodontics

The digital age has changed the face of almost every industry. These days, dentistry is no exception to this rule. Digital technology in the dental world is referred to as "Digital Dentistry." Digital Dentistry allows dental practices to provide an accurate diagnosis to patients, while creating a treatment plan with absolute precision. The ability for patients and dentists to easily access digital records aids in keeping up-to-date records on past procedures, cleanings, etc. Patients are able to see exactly what is going on their mouths before any procedure is conducted.

Digital Dentistry at Brier Creek Implants & Periodontics

Cone Beam and 3-D Imaging

Cone Beam Imaging systems generate 3D, high definition x-rays within seconds. The panoramic images are remarkably clear, which helps with diagnosing and treating dental ailments. These scans allow us to quickly assess your dental needs and get you back out enjoying your life in less time than you might expect from traditional imaging equipment.

It can be used to determine a treatment plan for dental implants, helping determine size and placement of the implant. It can also be used to diagnose and treat periodontal disease.

Achieving absolute precision in our dental techniques has never been easier thanks to the technology available to us at Brier Creek Implants & Periodontics.

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If you have periodontal disease, periodontitis, or gingivitis, periodontal maintenance is essential to halting the progression of the disease and helping to stabilize your oral health. Together, we can help to maintain your periodontal health, one visit at a time.