Gum Recession Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Gum recession is a condition that, if left untreated, can be painful and cause several problems. If caught early, treatment is simple and can improve your quality of life. Gum recession is when the gum tissue that surrounds your teeth lessens or pulls back away which exposes more of the tooth and over time most of the root of the tooth. When this happens, pockets form between the teeth, making it a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. There are many different causes to gum recession, including poor oral health, aggressive tooth brushing, teeth grinding and clinching to name a few. If you suspect you have gum recession, contact our Raleigh periodontal practice today.

Gum Recession Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Treating Gum Recession

A soft tissue graft is a highly successful procedure for treating receding gums and eliminating exposure to the roots. In this treatment, a flap of skin is taken from the roof of the patient's mouth, or roof of a cadaver. The underlying tissue is removed and stitched to the area around the exposed root. This technique helps restore gum health by reducing gum recession, improving soft tissue around the tooth, and helping protect the root from further damage.

The gum recession procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, meaning there should be very little discomfort afterwards. After soft tissue grafting, patients typically experience better gum health, an improved smile, and reduced chances of infection or further damage.

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